When you’re ready to earn your high school diploma

There are many pathways open to you.

All students are unique, and adult learners come to school with a wide variety of skills, strengths, and experiences. We’ll help you follow a path to success that works for you.

Land-Based Learning

Land-based learning is a way for students to engage in learning opportunities grounded in Indigenous knowledges, cultures, traditions, and ways of being.

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Cooperative Education

Cooperative education gives students an opportunity to earn credits by integrating course curriculum with learning at a work placement.

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Adult Dual Credits

Dual credits give students a unique opportunity to earn both college and high school credits at the same time.

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Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)

OYAP is a school-to-work program that opens the door to explore and work in apprenticeship placements.

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Independent Learning

Independent learning courses allow students to complete course work at home or at school on their own schedule.

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Blended Learning with Technology

Students have the opportunity to work and learn online using platforms such as Google Classroom and Brightspace.

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PLAR allows mature students to earn up to 16 grade 9 and 10 credits by completing 4 assessments and up to 10 grade 11 and 12 credits through an evaluation of their previous work, education, and life experiences.

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