What does success look like?

The Adult Education Partnership between Seven Generations Education Institute and the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board has been incredibly successful since its inception in 2012.

But success is not about us, it’s about you.

You are the reason we’re here, and it’s your success that matters most to us. No matter what your background or personal history, we want to help you achieve your education goals. Please take a minute to read through some of the success stories from our graduates; we hope they inspire you to step through our doors and start down the pathway to your future.

Here’s what success
looked like for our 2021
graduating class!

Meet Jillian Puls

KPDSB and Seven Generations Valedictorian of 2020

Successful graduate, Heather Kirbyson

Meet Heather Kirbyson

My name is Heather Kirbyson, I am 53 years old, a wife, mother of three and grandmother to nine grandsons. I left high school in the eleventh year due to extreme anxiety. I had always regretted my choice, I had always said I would go back, but life got in the way.

At 52 years of age I walked into 7 Gens, nervous doubting myself, and almost turned around and walked out. But a loving staff, quick enrolment, and an ongoing of support of the teachers, I managed to show up every day and do my work. In June 2019 I walked across the stage with my fellow graduates and accepted my grade twelve diploma.

Because of the loving and relaxed environment, I was able to take the steps I needed to better myself. Today I am employed in a job I truly love, and can look my grandsons in the eye and say, “Yes, Nana graduated and so can you!”

The KPDSB and Seven Generations Partnership changed my life, giving me the confidence and tools to go out into the world and obtain my goals.

KPDSB and Seven Generations Graduate of 2019

Ryan Devion, graduate of 2019

Meet Ryan Devion

My name is Ryan Devion and I am a 39-year-old father of four. I was the only one out of my family of cousins, brother and sister, who didn’t graduate high school until I found the Adult Education Partnership with KPDSB and Seven Generations Education Institute, and the amazing people it staffs.

I struggled as a teen even though I had family that loved me and wanted nothing but the best for me. My mind was in a different place and that made high school extremely hard for me, so I left on the second day of grade 10. Being the troubled boy that I once was, I knew that I was meant to be somebody in this world, I just didn’t know what.

I learned from my father and one of my Grandfathers that being a working man was important. I struggled with dead-end jobs until I was around 21 years old when I enrolled myself in a 14-week truck driving school.

As I watch my children grow up and dedicate their Monday to Friday in class, I watch and pay attention to their daily learning curves that each of them come across. I often preach “stay in school kids because you’re going to need it when you’re older”.

All of the jobs I want now in 2019 require a grade 12 Diploma. It was time to get this done and got that done I sure did when I enrolled myself in the Adult Ed Partnership at Seven Gens in Kenora. I knew I was in the right place now; might I add I came here 3 years ago in attempt to enroll but the timing wasn’t right for me, schoolwork was still too frustrating to me.

I met the most amazing people a young man could ever ask for returning to school after nearly 25 years later in life. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy for me, but the teachers and staff, even some of my peers, were always there when I needed them. I felt so comfortable and respected.

I am now a High School graduate and I could not be anymore proud of myself. It took dedication and an actual want to succeed, which I did with flying colours. I couldn’t have done all of this with out the support of my wife, my friends and family who shared positive influence my way. I am forever grateful to the Adult Ed staff along with the awesome classmates I now have the luxury to now call friends.

It’s never to late to accomplish this dream of graduating and bettering your Education, in fact it’s so important. I will never ever forget 2019 where I followed my dreams, walked down new paths in life and allowed the open arms of the Adult Ed Partnership at Seven Generations Education Institute to guide me on my new journey.

Successful adult education graduate, Angel Leckner

Meet Angel Leckner

Getting my grade 12 diploma gave me the confidence to be where I am today, a second year College Business student. I’m looking forward to greater work opportunities.

KPDSB and Seven Generations Graduate of 2013

Adult Ed graduate of 2019, Sam Sakakeep

Meet Samuel Sakakeep

When I first started this program, I had zero credits and it just took me one full year to graduate from high school. I had from zero to 30 credits. Now I’m back here again, taking some upgrading courses. Would I recommend this program for anybody? Yes, I would. They help you and the tremendous support I received when I first started was awesome and very good. I plan to go to college and hopefully take Aviation Engineering Maintenance once I get the necessary credits here.

KPDSB and Seven Generations Graduate of 2019

Adult Ed grad of 2019, Rico Littledeer

Meet Rico Littledeer

I started Adult Ed and I was there for a good month before I realized that I really needed to start getting my work done… I came with, I believe, 27 credits and by the time the end of the year came, I was on a roll to my last credit. I was supposed to be done by the Thursday and I finished that Thursday! I went to the graduation and just to see all the people that were there… It was amazing to see all the people that were actually graduating—I wasn’t sure how many people would be there! It was a lot of fun!

There were a lot of activities we did like going out on trapping trips and going out to go grab coffee… little things like that made it worth the while.

I would really recommend this program to other people. You are not going to get your work done right away but you can get it done in a certain amount of time. You WILL get it done.

I went off to college for a bit after graduating… I plan to go back to college and I plan to do Music and Business. That way I can bring my music back to Sioux Lookout or bring a guitar store to Sioux Lookout after I graduate in three years.

KPDSB and Seven Generations Graduate of 2019

Successful adult education graduate, Harmony Morand

Meet Harmony Morand

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, and one of the biggest ones was not finishing high school. Everyone always tells me, “You still have your whole life ahead of you, Harmony!” My parents, my family, they say, “You’re so young! You can still get it done on time.” Yet for some reason, when I hear them say that, it makes me feel like I can’t breathe. I can’t help but feel like I’ve fallen so far behind that I’ll never be able to catch up, and not just in school, but in life, in growing up, and in becoming an independent adult. I feel lost and hopeless every day, that there’s no way to, “get it done on time.”

I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but at the Adult Ed in Dryden, they make me feel like that’s okay. The teachers and the Adult Education program itself have been such a pillar of support for me, and from the moment I signed up, I felt comfortable with them. They know all my mistakes, but they don’t judge me. They know I struggle, but they don’t pressure me. They remind me that it’s ok to work at my own pace so that I can get it done in my time instead of telling me to get it done, “on time.”

Adult Education Current Placement Student

Successful graduate, Star Quequish

Meet Star Quequish

“I never thought change could have such a positive impact until I made it.”

Star’s negative experiences as a foster child led her to drop out of school early. She struggled with addictions and depression. After moving to Dryden with her husband and children from Round Lake First Nation, she enrolled with her husband at the KPDSB/7 Generations Adult Education partnership program.

Star’s goal was to complete her OSSD and gain the credits she would need to enrol in Lakehead University’s nursing program.

Through the Adult Education Partnership PLAR process Star obtained several credits before classes even began. She then attended class regularly and sought extra help from on-site teachers. As a result, she successfully completed her OSSD, completed the pre-req Chemistry and Biology courses and was accepted into Lakehead University’s Native Nurses Entry Program, and gave the valedictory address to her graduating class.

KPDSB and Seven Generations Graduate of 2014

Successful adult education graduate, Tanya Keesic

Meet Tanya Keesic

Hello, my name is Tanya Keesic. I am from Red Lake, Ontario. I am a single mother of 5 beautiful girls ranging in ages from 5–16 years old. I am a graduate of Class of 2017. I dropped out of school when I was 16, almost 17, and always wanted to get my diploma but never did anything about it. In 2016 my 3 eldest were in school and my 2 youngest in daycare and I enrolled at the Adult Learning Centre. The staff was friendly and they were very helpful. They helped when I was having trouble in my work and they were very encouraging. In 2017 I graduated and was Valedictorian.

KPDSB and Seven Generations Graduate of 2017

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