Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is a career-oriented program designed to integrate self-study courses with practical, meaningful experiences in the workplace. The program is open to all senior students and affords each the opportunity to explore career goals or interests while still in school. Co-op allows students to: relate self-study courses to the workplace; develop job skills; gain practical experience which is essential in today’s competitive job market; acquire confidence, self-reliance, appropriate expectations and attitudes in preparation for permanent employment; enhance opportunities for summer work and job placement after graduation; enter apprenticeship and other post-secondary education programs more easily.

Co-op courses are offered to students in grades 11 and 12. Enrolment in cooperative education courses is subject to approval from the principal and availability of job placements. Acceptance into the program depends in part upon an interview with the teacher at your site.

Evaluation of each participant is a combined effort of the teacher and workplace supervisor. The evaluation is based on the student’s attendance, reliability, initiative, and ability to work in a practical situation.

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