Star Quequish

Successful graduate, Star Quequish

“I never thought change could have such a positive impact until I made it.”

Star’s negative experiences as a foster child led her to drop out of school early. She struggled with addictions and depression. After moving to Dryden with her husband and children from Round Lake First Nation, she enrolled with her husband at the KPDSB/7 Generations Adult Education partnership program.

Star’s goal was to complete her OSSD and gain the credits she would need to enrol in Lakehead University’s nursing program.

Through the Adult Education Partnership PLAR process Star obtained several credits before classes even began. She then attended class regularly and sought extra help from on-site teachers. As a result, she successfully completed her OSSD, completed the pre-req Chemistry and Biology courses and was accepted into Lakehead University’s Native Nurses Entry Program, and gave the valedictory address to her graduating class.

KPDSB and Seven Generations Graduate of 2014