Heather Kirbyson

Successful graduate, Heather Kirbyson

My name is Heather Kirbyson, I am 53 years old, a wife, mother of three and grandmother to nine grandsons. I left high school in the eleventh year due to extreme anxiety. I had always regretted my choice, I had always said I would go back, but life got in the way.

At 52 years of age I walked into 7 Gens, nervous doubting myself, and almost turned around and walked out. But a loving staff, quick enrolment, and an ongoing of support of the teachers, I managed to show up every day and do my work. In June 2019 I walked across the stage with my fellow graduates and accepted my grade twelve diploma.

Because of the loving and relaxed environment, I was able to take the steps I needed to better myself. Today I am employed in a job I truly love, and can look my grandsons in the eye and say, “Yes, Nana graduated and so can you!”

The KPDSB and Seven Generations Partnership changed my life, giving me the confidence and tools to go out into the world and obtain my goals.

KPDSB and Seven Generations Graduate of 2019